Protect miners and other workers from potentially fatal fluid injection injuries.

Hydraguard is a unique, rubber-encased, stainless-steel guarding system that diffuses the oil through fine mesh, curtailing oil velocity. It can be custom-fitted to larger apparatus such as the valves as well as hoses.

Unpredictable hose ruptures, usually pinhole in size, can create a laser-like stream of fluid that penetrates human skin as if it was a needle. These injuries can be very serious and potentially fatal.

Hydraguard protects against these injuries, minimising risk and enhancing site work, health and safety. 

  • Rubber-encased stainless-steel guarding system
  • Light-weight
  • Flexible attachment. Fits unusual-shapes
  • For new equipment or retrofitted
  • Easily removed for maintenance
  • Materials approved for underground mining
Hydraguard system protects miners from fluid injection injury

Hydraguard Close Up

Hydraguard rupture close

With Hydraguard and Without