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Wet or dry. Slurry, sludge, or coal. Mining, industrial, chemical or offshore. Whenever and whatever has spilled, we can help.

When downtime is not a viable option, our air-powered Airloader pumps can reliably transfer almost any flowable material in even the toughest conditions so you can get back in production, fast.

Brain Industries’ genius ideas help you to avoid downtime and work safely and productively.
Clean up spills, pump the impossible, and keep conveyors and pulleys moving.

Customised pumps, conveyor products and other equipment for coal mines, tunneling projects, agriculture, oil & gas operators, ships, transport operators and local councils to solve your materials handling problems and to keep your workforce safe.

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Pumps & Accessories

Pump & transfer orclean up spills/slurries where conventional pumps fail.

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Vacuum Packs

Convert almost any container into a powerful vacuum to easily recover and transfer wet or dry materials.

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Super Dragin Pump

Easy machine sump cleaning. Your spill kit alternative.

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Conveyor Products

Improve your conveyors performance with our pulley lagging, dewatering systems and belt cleaners.

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Meet your mine’sstonedusting program requirements. Reduce the risk of explosion in underground mines.

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Protect workers from fluid injection injuries.

Watch Us Pump the Impossible

See our products in action.

Hire Pumps & Vac Packs

Got a one-off problem? Save time and money by hiring our pumps and vacuums.

Our Clients

  • Patoski
  • Centennial Coal
  • Reliable Conveyor Belt

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We customise our pumps, pulleys, conveyor products and other equipment to meet your needs.

To find out more or request a quote please fill out the form, email us at or call +61 2 4969 2111.

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