The Leading Name in Pneumatic Pumping and Smarter Conveying

Brain Industry products are used by companies around the world to improve productivity and respond to even the most challenging industrial spills and overflows.

Our engineers design and create smarter solutions to industry problems, from dewatering and draining to pit cleaning and powder transfer.



Where traditional pumps fail, our Airloaders succeed. We supply, hire and custom design pneumatic pumps for marine, construction, mining, oil and heavy industries.

vac packs

Vac Packs

Recover and transfer wet or dry materials into open top drums, skips, conveyor belts or any container with ease.



We supply a wide range of efficient and effective stonedusting systems to fit your stonedusting program.

Conveyor Dewatering

Conveyor Products

Effectively remove water from underground and surface conveyors with our highly customizable dewatering systems.