Pump the impossible. Brain Industries pneumatic pumps work where conventional pumps won’t.

Pumps for your industry.

Brain pumps are suitable for confined spaces or hard to reach areas. Use them for pumping in agriculture, mines, ships, rigs and sewers.


  • Pump mud, sludge slurries, sand, powders or coal
  • Clean sumps, FPSO, tanks, sewers, culverts
  • Remove face slurry
  • Desilt pump lodge and ponds

Airloader Pumps

Brain Airloader pumps handle just about any flowable material including sludge or slurries with solids to sand. Unlike conventional pumps, which rely on vacuum displacement, Brain Airloader compressed air pumps combine high velocity suction airflow with a powerful vacuum. The pumps come in a range of sizes to meet your needs.

  • Portable
  • No internal moving parts for less wear and better reliability
  • Safe for pumping in hazardous areas
  • Low in height for confined space pumping
  • Pump large volumes
  • Vertical suction of up to 35 metres

Choose the Brain Airloader pump that is right for you.

Mudskipper© Pump

The Brain Mudskipper is our smallest and most popular pump. Use with the Mudskipper© Sieve Bend to continually separate solids while pumping.

  • Highly portable
  • Compressed-air driven
  • Vacuum of 60 kPa
  • Lump sizes up to 65mm
  • Flow rates of up to 14m³ per hour. Discharge up to 1km.
  • Hand operated or use a suction screen for fully automatic operation.
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Super Dragin Pump

Machine sump cleaning made easy. An alternative to spill kits.

The Super Dragin 357 pump makes light work of cleaning up a workshop spill or emptying a sump or bilge. The compressed air powered vacuum device turns any 205L or 60L metal drum into a powerful vacuum pump that never blocks, never breaks down and never burns out.

Super Dragin cleans up almost ANY LIQUID such as water, solvents, paint, blood, machine tool coolants, hydraulic oil, radiator coolant, wine, beer, soup, hot liquids, liquid food waste, chemicals or flammable liquids.

It can even collect solids such as metal chip, small rocks or dirt without damaging the pump. BUY NOW FOR $795 inc GST plus delivery. 

Send your details and we’ll invoice. 

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Self-Filling Tanker

Recover, haul and dump heavily solids laden slurries and sludges containing lumps up to 150mm with Brain’s Self-Filling Tanker.

  • Vacuum-loads continuously for high loading rates.
  • Easy to empty – with a full size, side opening rear door and 250mm diameter dump hatch.

Skid-mounted or trailer-mounted to match your needs. 

The trailer-mounted self-filling tanker is supplied with rocker arm load sharing swing axles, lubricated hubs and solid rubber tyres.

The tanker is powered by  your site pneumatic system, making it perfect for the underground coal mining, hard rock mining, tunnelling and industrial cleaning industries.

self filling tanker_non hydraulic
Non-Hydraulic Self-Filling Tanker

Mudskipper© Sieve Bend

Separate solids from sludge and slurry.

Use in conjunction with the Mudskipper Pump or we can customise to suit any of our Airloader pumps.

The bend removes the bulk of the water in the discharge feed from the pump. All solids larger than 0.4mm are returned onto the belt or collected for disposal. The underflow water exits by gravity or may be pumped away.

The bend can straddle a belt conveyor or be fixed to the roof in underground mines.  


Air-Operated Float Switch

Eliminate excessive air consumption and premature wear caused by dry running with the BrainAir-Operated Float Switch.

The switch ensures your pump operates only when it needs to, turning on and off automatically at pre-determined levels. It can handle level differentials from 125mm up to 3000mm and can be reverse operated.

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