Vac Pack Systems

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Vac Pack Mark II

Convert almost any container into a powerful vacuum recovery system.

The Vac Pack Mark II is a portable, compressed-air vacuum power pack. It can convert any suitable container into a vacuum recovery system. Unlike conventional vacuum pumps, the Vac Pack uses a compressed-air powered jet pump to create a high suction airflow.

Our customers love the Vac Pack Mark II because it’s portable and easy to set up. It can recover waste materials from inaccessible areas, has no moving parts, is remote controlled, and is available for hire or purchase.

When used in a vacuum recovery system, the pack can convey solids, sludges and liquids at more than 10 cubic metres (2200 gallons) per hour, with suction distances of 65 metres horizontally and 25 metres vertically.

DryVac Powder Recovery Unit

Effectively remove dry powder and dust from one location to another.

The DryVac is suitable for clearing and moving raw material with a dust content. It uses our proven and reliable Vac Pack technology to collect dry products, powders and dusts.

The DryVac’s applications include vacuuming in and around conveyor belts and tunnels, hold cleaning, site clean-up, at rail and grain terminals, in power stations and sugar mills where fly ash is created, at mining and cements sites, clearing away glass and plastics in the recycling industry, and in the brick and block industry, including kiln cleaning.

The unit’s venturi design results in a high velocity air flow and a powerful vacuum. This allows the DryVac to handle a wide range of raw materials including fly ash, cement, and lime. It can discharge into a collection skip bin or onto a conveyer belt, or be mounted on casters for high mobility.

Drum Filler System

The Mudskipper© Drum Filler Head is ideal for the collection and drumming of contaminated oils, greases, and environmentally sensitive wet materials. Using the optional dust filtration, the drum filler head can also be used for dry materials. This system can be used on Vacuum-capable skips or tanks.

The Mudskipper© is the drum filler system of choice because of its simplicity, low cost, intrinsic safety, power, lack of moving parts, and well-sized material suction hose.

The system comprises a one-piece, compressed-air operated, Vacuum recovery head for 200 litre, open-top drums. It can produce up to a 70 per cent vacuum. Use of heavy duty drums is recommended.

Vac Pack Systems

Recover and transfer wet or dry materials into open top drums, skips or conveyor belts with ease.

When the Vac Pack is combined with an auto-dump tank, it creates a system that can handle materials ranging from large lump dry solids through to viscous sludge.

The tanker adaption system converts a standard vacuum tanker into a powerful pneumatic vacuum unit, capable of recovering a wide range of materials at production rates normally considered impossible with standard vacuum tankers.

We’ve kept the tank height to a minimum by using a 250mm diameter disc valve, making it highly suited to underground mining and tunneling applications.

The collector tank has an automatic cyclic operation and can convey solids, sludges and liquids at rates of more than 10 cubic metres perhour, with suction distances of more than 65 metres horizontally and 25 metres vertically.

Vac Pack Systems